Entertainment packs for kids 👶 from 2 to 7 years old

Portable travel kits for kids

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For kids on the go!

Providing Screen-Free alternatives for kids is one things we love to do. While we totally bust out the iPad for a movie on a long flight or road trip, we like to have lots of other technology-free ways to entertain the kiddos ready to go.  

These kits was carefully planned to do so. Whenever we're waiting for a long period of time, whether at the doctor's office, or at a restaurant waiting for our food, take along one of our kits and keep your kids happy and entertained.

2-3 years old

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3-5 years old

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5-7 years old

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Some questions people ask us:

What's included?

Ten to twenty items grouped by activities: stickers, coloring, mimic play, cars, toys, etc.

How long child plays?

It depends on the kit size. Usually two to five hours on the first day and several more hours during the first week.

How do you test your kits?

Every Easy Beezy team member has own kids and we travel really often. We test every kit concept by ourselves first, then offer to our friends and voluntary testers. Please write to us if you want to share your feedback, propose an idea or join the testers team!

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